Pileated Woodpecker feasting on chokecherries. Photo: V. Jackson

The Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to the study of wildlife and natural habitats of the Pacific Northwest. The WCT was formed in 1995. Our group of dedicated volunteers works to identify, support, develop, and operate research and educational projects that often slip through the cracks of other organizations. Our projects are based on sound, scientific principles and outreach programs that bring together research scientists and citizen scientists. Although the WCT is a non-advocacy organization, our projects generate scientifically valid data that can assist in crafting and implementing effective conservation policies.

Mission Statement: The Wildlife Conservation Trust is an independent, non-profit, organization dedicated to preserving indigenous wildlife and habitats of the Northwest Bioregion. The Trust supports conservation-oriented wildlife research, education, and citizen involvement.

What We Are:

  • A Pacific Northwest Bioregion conservation network
  • A diverse group of like-minded citizens, professionals, and organizations
  • A supporter of wildlife conservation research and education
  • An open forum for discussing wildlife conservation topics
  • A resource for everyone who values wildlife and natural habitats
  • A catalyst for local and regional participation

WCT is a Network

  • WCT encourages the participation of all individuals, organizations, and agencies that have an interest in wildlife conservation
  • WCT promotes the inclusion of citizen based science in our projects
  • WCT embraces the study of all wildlife species (vertebrate and invertebrate) and their habitats
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